Rim Snaps Inlay System: What is it & How Does it Work?

As a leading manufacturer of products for architectural concrete, Scott System has laid the groundwork for concrete textures and architectural solutions for decades. The innovative and time-saving Rim Snaps™ inlay system offered by Scott System creates the versatility needed when casting in-place concrete for clean and functional vertical bridge components like bridge parapets, abutments, and…

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Benefits of Extended-Use Urethane & ABS Plastic Concrete Formliners

Different types of extended-use formliners can provide distinct looks on concrete for a wide range of projects. They can also bring an aesthetically pleasing appeal to a variety of finished products. Before beginning your company’s next project, be sure to fully understand the benefits of extended-use concrete formliners offered by Scott System. Each project material…

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What Are Brick Snaps®& How Do They Work?

Brick Snap® inlay systems are innovative concrete construction solutions that can speed up and simplify projects, as well as reduce overall costs, while still producing top-quality creative architectural designs with the look and feel of traditional brick. The revolutionary façade system plays an integral role in casting brick into precast or tilt-up concrete, which can…

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3 Benefits of Single-Use Formliners

Concrete formliners have become a major part of modern architecture, offering a variety of benefits for a variety of projects and businesses. Most commonly, they are used to create intricate designs or patterns on walls and structures that are sturdy enough to withstand the real-world environments — without looking like an eyesore. The engineers at…

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How Are Concrete Formliners Made?

Concrete formliners are an integral part of modern architecture, as they are used to create custom designs on walls and structures that are visually appealing and sturdy enough to withstand the real-world environment. While they are part of a highly specialized industry and creation process, concrete formliners are used in a variety of everyday applications…

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Little Island at Pier 55

Little Island is an artificial island that is being built on the Hudson River, west of Manhattan, to provide a unique park experience for the New York public. It will be owned and maintained by the Hudson River Park Trust, a public agency, and operated by Little Island, a special-made organization specifically for the project.

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