The potential and ability of EPS foam formwork on a finished concrete product is nearly unmatched.

The time- and labor-efficient process that creates unique designs and shapes in concrete is a game-changer when it comes to bringing ideas to life, letting them stand out, and ultimately withstand the test of time.

At Scott System, our team is able to manufacture complex foam shapes and design details that will facilitate the creation of structural and decorative concrete.

Whether it’s unique architectural designs, difficult double-curved surfaces, or any design that cannot utilize traditional forming methods, foam formwork design is a lightweight and cost-effective solution when compared to steel and wood alternatives.

Working with an experienced formwork expert who collaborates with architects, engineers, and contractors will develop the best results.

Best Uses for Foam Formwork

Using expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam formwork in an architectural concrete project can save companies time and money.

Unlike wood or steel, there is limited setup and removal time foam formwork, as well as fewer truckloads of supplies and less labor associated with the process.

Foam formwork will also not warp or distort while on the worksite unlike its counterparts. Choose from a variety of final surface coatings to get a smooth or textured finish that could also be reused throughout the project.

Formwork y columns illustration

Y Columns

The foam formwork can be book-built in two half-sections making setup fast and easy with minimal seams and form lines.

Formwork geometric shapes illustration

Geometric Shapes

Doubly-curved surfaces and large-size concrete forms can be hard to achieve using wood or steel.

Formwork block outs illustration

Block Outs

Create block outs for applications such as windows and concrete railing using foam formwork.

Formwork void forms illustration

Void Forms

Foam can be used to fill voids and eliminate the need to build complex wood or steel forms for low-reuse applications.

Machining Capabilities

Scott System can manufacture everything from simple to complex, geometric shapes and assembly patterns. Foam CNC milling services are commonly used where traditional construction methods are limited due to the structure’s unique shape.

Our machine envelope of 15 feet x 10 feet x 4 feet, which gives us the capability to manufacture at both large and small scale. Post machining and assembly techniques also allow us to go even larger in the foam formwork we produce.

Formwork 3 axis cnc milling

3-Axis CNC Milling

On a 3-axis machine, the workpiece remains in the same position while the cutting tool operates along the XYZ plane to trim away material.

This process is suitable for forms that don’t require a lot of depth and detailing.

Formwork 5 axis cnc milling

5-Axis CNC Milling

On a 5-axis machine, the cutting tool moved across the XYZ linear axis as well as rotates on the A and B axis to approach the workpiece from any direction.

In other words, our teams can process five sides of a form in a single setup.


The finish options for EPS foam can help to create a smooth surface as soon as the formwork is removed, especially for complex curved shapes. It is possible to achieve a smooth finish using wood materials, but the extra time and setup process does not compare to the savings achieved by using foam.

Formwork finishes uncoated


This cost-effective coarse finish is for single-use forms to create structural applications of any shape.

Formwork finishes polyurethane


Finishes are available from smooth to a slight orange peel and can be reused up to five times.

Formwork finishes hdo

Plywood Laminated

Several types of plywood can be laminated to the face of the foam. Plywood types include HDO, MDO, MDF, CDX, A/C and more.

FRP laminated finish


Available in smooth or pebbled finish for non-compound curved applications like doubly curved shapes.

Our Foam Formwork Process

Scott System will work with your team from start to completion to create a finished product ready for the job site.

Our engineers will create custom plans and create high resolution design files for your approval. Next, we will use our CNC milling capabilities to create the desired shape and fulfill the order with a parts test fit and final assembly ready for delivery.



3Order Fulfillment

Formwork process customer plans
Customer Plans
Formwork process 3D models
3D Models
Formwork process approval drawings
Approval Drawings
master cam
Master Cam
Formwork process control documents
Production Quality Control Documents
Formwork process hot wire cnc cutting
In-progress Hot Wire CNC Cutting
Formwork process 5-axis cnc milling
In-progress 5-axis CNC Cutting
Formwork process polyurethane sparying
In-progress Polyurethane Spraying
Formwork process test fit
Finished Part Test Fit/Assembly
Formwork process concrete

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