As a leading manufacturer of products for architectural concrete, Scott System has laid the groundwork for concrete textures and architectural solutions for decades.

The innovative and time-saving Rim Snaps™ inlay system offered by Scott System creates the versatility needed when casting in-place concrete for clean and functional vertical bridge components like bridge parapets, abutments, and piers.

Rim Snaps™ are a cost-saving, customizable, and re-usable solution for vertically cast thin brick resulting in strong and beautiful brick façades.  The system can be installed utilizing construction laborers and does not require onsite masonry work.

An expanded version of the Brick Snaps® inlay system, the Rim Snaps™ inlay system specializes in casting brick in vertical applications, such as walls or column formwork.

Rim Snaps™ are made with flexible urethane rubber gasket borders that line plastic frames containing the brick.  The brick is chemically bonded to the concrete that will eventually be cast into the structure.

The Scott System Rim Snaps™ inlay system is a low-cost, simple, and game-changing alternative to brick and mortar that doesn’t have to sacrifice aesthetic or quality.

The result is a high-quality brick finish that can withstand the elements of time, weather, and heavy traffic.

How Does the Rim Snaps™ Inlay System Work?

Formwork sections containing the Rim Snaps™, styrene plastic, and urethane rubber bond the brick units to the concrete. During casting of the concrete, the sections are set in place within the structural formwork to create the Rim Snaps™ inlay system. After casting, the wall panels created can be re-used up to six pours.

The form is then filled with concrete and cast, creating the bridge component or structural element.

The Rim Snaps™ inlay system can be used in the precast concrete manufacturing process or on-site by contractors casting concrete in place.

In the initial stages of the Rim Snaps™ inlay system process, Scott System’s team of designers will offer services from building drawings and material to build mockups for the contractor so that both parties understand what to expect from the final result.

The provided mockups include dimensions, directions, and other details of the unit patterns. Contractors can also choose from an array of textures and colors.

man in white, hard helmet and orange safety vest putting together Rim Snaps™ while working on construction site

Once a brick is chosen, the Rim Snaps™ are fastened to vertical frames via stapler.

The selected brick units are then pressed into the individual Rim Snaps™. The constructed formwork is attached to the structural form. After the panels are attached to the structural form and set in place, the formwork is ready to receive reinforcement via cast-in-place concrete.  After casting, the formwork is stripped, cleaned, and ready for re-use.

During the final stages of the Rim Snaps™ inlay system installation process, the cured brick finish surface is power washed. This cleans any concrete leakage and wax coating on the brick, leaving behind a finished, classic brick or tile exterior.

closeup of red brick corner wall and cables created with the Rim Snaps™ inlay system

Corners, columns, and return walls (walls that conduct fresh air into a building’s circulation system) are all effortlessly serviced by the Rim Snaps™ inlay system.

This is done by inserting the 90-degree corner brick unit into preassembled Rim Snap™ forms.

What are the Advantages to Using Rim Snaps™?

Rim Snaps™ are Customizable

Rim Snaps™ is the only solution that accommodates thin brick in a vertically cast application.

Scott System offers a great selection of sizes, colors, blends, accents, and textures for this process.

Because Rim Snaps™ can function with a variety of brick, structural designs can be further customized for optimal aesthetics and functionality.

Rim Snaps™ are a Durable, Simplified Solution

The suction-like grip of Rim Snaps™ ensures that the thin brick units are held firmly in place. Such materials offer durability, simplified assembling, and casting vertically structured corners.

Scott System is ISO-certified.

Our Rim Snaps™ meet Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) and Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) standards.

Rim Snaps™ are Reusable & Economical

Flexible yet structurally sound, Rim Snaps™ do not require traditional masonry and the form panels are reusable.

Rim Snaps™ allow the form to be stripped off for further use. This means larger structures can reuse the same formwork multiple times.

Ultimately, the Rim Snaps™ inlay system reduces installation time, and it costs significantly less than traditional masonry.

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