Concrete formliners have become a major part of modern architecture, offering a variety of benefits for a variety of projects and businesses.

Most commonly, they are used to create intricate designs or patterns on walls and structures that are sturdy enough to withstand the real-world environments — without looking like an eyesore.

The engineers at Scott System can design and create multi-use and single-use concrete formliners.

Before you begin your next project, take into consideration the benefits of single-use formliners.

gray-colored concrete with a textured, lined pattern achieved by using a single-use concrete formliner

1. Cost Effective

A formliner can be a cost-effective way to give concrete a distinctive, artistic appearance.

Producing detailed textures that can replicate surfaces like stacked rocks, bricks, masonry, and many others, formliners can create stunning exteriors but at a fraction of the price.

Replacing traditional methods like conventional plasters, stone tooling, and masonry cladding our team can help to keep your project within budget — and finish in a timely fashion.

Operational costs can be reduced, and construction speed can increase thanks to the ease of single-use concrete formliners.

2. Applications

Single-use concrete formliners can be used in a variety of projects and can provide the decorative features businesses and facilities are searching for.

Textures and custom-made designs on the walls of a highway, for example, have become increasingly popular.

Other popular applications include retaining walls, abutments, parking garages, bridges, government buildings, hospitals, sports facilities, churches, and many more.

Not only do our formliners help to create something that is structurally sound, but the process can add a finishing touch that is visually appealing.

Some of the services that Scott System offers can benefit from single-use formliners such as tilt-up, precast, and cast-in-place concrete.

Our custom-designed formliners are the ideal solution for projects that need to withstand the elements, have a long-lasting life, and bring a pattern to life.

3. Custom Textures

Single-use concrete formliners provide a simple solution to create an intricate design or textured pattern on concrete that would otherwise be ordinary.

Our facility has more than 100 textures to choose from, but we also have the ability to design and create a custom texture or pattern.

Many of our textures have the ability to hide seam lines when stacking formliner panels. Once in place, the pattern or texture flows effortlessly without any unsightly seams or lines.

Learn More About Our Single-Use Concrete Formliners

Scott System can design and fabricate cost-effective, single-use decorative formliners made to fit the specifications of your project.

Working with our experts helps to ensure you are able to stay within the allotted project budget and meet the individual needs of the project.

To learn more about our services and why we use single-use formliners, contact us today.