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Scott System formliners are an easy way to make a memorable impression on concrete that gets seen thousands, if not millions, of times a day by producing any detailed texture in perfect detail in all types of applications.

Made of elastomeric-urethane, a durable and adaptable synthetic compound that is ready for extended use, our formliners reproduce the same outstanding, detailed texture in perfect detail every time.

Urethane formliners by Scott System can be produced in almost any size and depth and ensure both impressive durability and consistent reusability. They produce the most realistic finish and are increasingly cost effective with each reuse, and that is why they are one of the most highly demanded products offered.

Urethane concrete formliners work with both tilt-up and precast applications and their abilities are endless. With variation through pre-engineered design, formliner textures can be rotated or inverted.

Flex-Liner™ finger joint

Finger Joints

Finger joints hide abutments by using an interlocking pattern that can invert 180 degrees.

Flex-Liner™ side-to-side joint

Side-to-Side Joints

Generally used with smooth flutes, allow for a smooth transition from one panel to the next with slight variation when using a 180 degree rotation.

Flex-Liner™ universal/common joint

Universal/Common Joints

Unique in that textures on panels match up on both the tops and bottoms with varying degrees of rotation. Using a pattern drawing, panels can be mixed and matched.

Flex-Liner™ random joint

Random Joints

Allows panels to abut at various different locations, intentionally forming a division that breaks up the flow of textures and shadowing. Panels can be stacked top-to-bottom or side-to-side.

Flex-Liner™ textures and patterns

Textures & Patterns

Varieties of standard textures are available in stone, fractured, wood, flute, flat, and block patterns. Our catalog features over 100 patterns — many of which are available in standard size pieces (4’ x 8 or 4’ x 10’) with a short lead time that can rarely be matched and never beaten by competitors. We take pride in getting stakeholders what they need as fast as they need it and getting some of the most important jobs across the country done on schedule and with the utmost quality.

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Custom Textures & Patterns

We also specialize in custom-designed formliners for the projects that require something special and unique, and have produced formliners for numerous public works and art projects, as well as massive designs for highway walls and more, all of which can be seen in our portfolio.

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