Tilt-up solutions for concrete formliners are one of the most common construction types utilized for concrete building projects.

It is a technique that is both cost-effective and quick to complete, which is why many projects opt to use the tilt-up concrete process over other methods.

Tilt-up construction is a building technique that uses concrete and, once the concrete has cured, the elements are titled into vertical position with a crane and braced into position.

Concrete walls, columns, structural supports, and more are cast horizontally on a concrete slab. The slabs are then tilted, using a crane, to a vertical position.

After the slab is tilted, the concrete is locked into position until the remaining materials are secured.

Tilt-up construction is a great alternative to wood-frame construction and masonry construction, as both can be labor intensive, which typically means more time and money.

This common construction method requires organization and collaboration amongst all stakeholders in a construction project, which is why Scott System excels at tilt-up concrete. Our teams are immensely organized and strive for collaboration that ensures a top-quality product with fast and productive results.

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