Our 5-axis milling process utilizes CAD/CAM subtractive manufacturing techniques in a production sequence. What this means, is that bulk material is placed on our machine and the router removes the materials in two steps: rough pass and finish pass.

The design team at Scott System uses CAM software to control the direct cutting of the CNC machine, which allows us to develop and produce parts of all shapes and sizes.

The machines in our arsenal are capable of milling 120-inches on the x-axis, 180-inches on the y-axis and 48-inches on the z-axis. We have the capability to mill non-ferrous metals like aluminum, varieties of foam, wood, and even composites.

Quality Control

Our design team has a built-in system of checks and balances within our design and manufacturing process.

Digital Design gives us the flexibility of manufacturing a part of our CAD/CAM software before the material even reaches our production floor. Our design process verifies part fabrication, tool path of the machine to avoid collisions, and generates lead times.

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