A Creative Force in the Concrete Industry

Scott System has been providing unique elastomeric form liner products for concrete installations since 1969.  As the inventor and pioneer, Scott System has been innovating the formliner industry ever since while receiving more than 20 patents on concrete-forming related products and thin brick systems for precast and cast in place applications.

On March 4th, 2019, the assets of Scott System were acquired by Access Anvil Corp, a Fort Miller Group Company, located in Upstate New York. The Fort Miller Group is a four company Employee-Owned company.  The Fort Miller Group ESOP includes over 450+ beneficial owners and our team 30+ fabricators, designers, schedulers and planners at Scott System take pride in their work while building lasting relationships for years to come.

The Scott System name will continue as well as all the innovative products integrated into the CNC design and fabrication capabilities at Access Anvil Corp., an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.  One of Scott Systems’ most innovative contributions is a method for integrally-casting brick into concrete walls. Today, Scott System offers a variety of brick-inlay products for precast, tilt-up and cast-in-place concrete applications.

Scott System’s formliners and brick inlay systems have been utilized worldwide on a variety of projects from highways to bridges, schools to parking decks, and all sorts of residential and commercial applications.

We believe in the art of doing and the art of concrete and are driven by our Core Values:


Take Ownership and responsibility. Deliver the results promised by the deadline committed to.


Put the needs of the team before oneself.  Be willing to cooperate, assist other teammates, and be dependable. The success of the team is more important than the success of self.


A “Can Do Will Do” attitude and willingness to extend oneself for the benefit of the company are keys to our success.  Strive to deliver results through consistency and flawless execution.  Come to work wanting to make a difference by reaching beyond the minimum requirements. Constantly focus on our four key goals: Safety, Quality, Performance, and Best in Business.


Honesty and trust are central to integrity. Demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles always and trust each other.


Always take pride in producing our products and work consistently to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers.


Be responsible for the safety of yourself and your fellow associates at all times.


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