Scott System formliners provide a simple solution to turn ordinary concrete in to a beautifully textured pattern with high detail and exceptional finish quality. With over 100 different standard textures to choose from, and our capability to design and create custom textures/patterns, concrete formliners can take an average concrete facade and turn it into something special.

Many of our standard textures are built with the intent of hiding seam lines when stacking formliner panels.  Once cast, the concrete looks flowing and continuous without any harsh seam lines that breakup the texture/pattern.

Concrete formliners can be used in a variety of applications such as; retaining walls, abutments, parking garages, bridges, government buildings, churches, hospitals, sports facilities, and a large number of other retail or residential projects.  The versatility of concrete formliners can also provide accents to walls, slab edges, copings, and other aesthetic features.

Urethane formliners are a high re-use, extremely durable product that provides superior detail and finish quality to concrete.  This type of formliner is primarily used when overall finish quality is paramount and high-reuse is required, among many other considerations.

Plastic formliners can provide either a single use or low volume multi-use way to texture concrete. Plastic formliners are a cost-effective way to add texture to concrete.  These types of formliners are primarily used when little to no re-use is required, along with a few other considerations.


Urethane Formliners

Urethane formliners are a high re-use product that provide a superior finish and more overall detail to the concrete above other formliner types.

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Plastic Formliners

Plastic formliners provide a multi-use or single use solution to texture concrete as an economical and cost-effective option.

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Custom Concrete Solutions

At Scott System, we provide several custom concrete construction solutions specifically tilt-up, precast, and cast-in-place applications.

Precast Concrete Formliners

Precast concrete is casted into a reusable mold that is then cured in a controlled environment for the specific amount of time needed prior to installation at the construction site.

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Tilt-Up Concrete Formliners

Tilt-up construction is a great alternative to wood-frame construction and masonry construction, as both can be labor intensive, which typically means more time and money.

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Cast-In-Place Concrete Formliners

Because of the strong walls and cost-effective building technology they result in, cast-in-place solutions are commonly recommended by Scott System for many different projects.

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