Scott System formliners for concrete are able to hide panel abutments in large structures through engineered and artistic design functions, turning a series of concrete panels into beautiful works of art.

Once cast with Scott System formliners, concrete panels are created to match each other. This process creates a series of panels that come together to form structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing retaining walls, parking garages, bridges, government buildings, churches, hospitals, sports facilities, and a large number of other retail or residential projects.

Because of the strength of  urethane, an extremely durable synthetic compound that can be reused, Scott System Flex-Liner™ urethane formliners are a unique and useful liner that produces a custom look unlike any other. And they can be used over 100 times with variation through pre-engineered design, allowing for certain textures to be rotated or inverted.

There are also single-use plastic formliners available for concrete that are still customizable but also an economical and cost-effective way to reproduce the same detailed texture that comes out perfect every time.

Urethane Formliners

Extended use products that provide custom texture and exceptional detail to architectural concrete.

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Plastic Formliners

Single and multi-use solutions for texturing concrete at lower costs.

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Custom Concrete Solutions

At Scott System, we provide several custom concrete construction solutions specifically tilt-up, precast, and cast-in-place applications.


Precast concrete is casted into a reusable mold that is then cured in a controlled environment for the specific amount of time needed prior to installation at the construction site.

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Tilt-up construction is a great alternative to wood-frame construction and masonry construction, as both can be labor intensive, which typically means more time and money.

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Because of the strong walls and cost-effective building technology they result in, cast-in-place solutions are commonly recommended by Scott System for many different projects.

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