Creating Eye Appeal with Plastic Formliners

Plastic formliners reproduce the same intricately detailed texture each time, and work with a variety of different applications, including tilt-up, precast, and cast-in-place concrete to get the right results consistently.

Plastic formliners are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, a thermoplastic polymer with no true melting point, and are available in numerous patterns that are undoubtedly better than concrete without integrated designs.

They can be reused about a dozen times depending on the pattern and jobsite conditions and are most suitable for projects when the appearance of joint lines is acceptable. Plastic formliners create a glossy finish and softens fine details into concrete for a long-lasting product that may not be as customizable as a urethane formliner. But is a great solution for basic patterns with long-lasting life and cheaper price point.

Flex-Liner™ textures and patterns

Textures & Patterns

Varieties of standard textures are available in stone, fractured, wood, flute, flat, and block patterns and are commonly found throughout the world. Our catalog of textures features over 100 patterns — many of these are available in standard size (4’ x 8 or 4’ x 10’) pieces with short lead time for fast results that are still high-quality.

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Custom Textures & Patterns

Scott System also specializes in custom-designed plastic formliners for concrete, and has produced formliners for numerous public works and art projects, as well as massive designs for highway walls.

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