At Scott System, we offer two different options for thin-brick-embedded concrete: Brick Snaps® and Rim Snaps™. Both Brick Snaps® and Rim Snaps™ can be used for several different commercial architectural applications and each has its pros and cons in doing so.

Our thin-brick products can be used in precast or tilt-up concrete construction, which allows walls or structures to have the appearance of full-size brick with a much easier (and cost-effective) installation.

With an extensive variety of textures, sizes, and colors available for a multitude of projects, stakeholders can find the perfect accent for their next project with very few limitations and an abundance of general options.


Brick Snaps® Inlay System

Innovative, single use system for casting thin brick into precast or tilt-up concrete. Brick Snaps® provides design flexibility by allowing for a variety of common brick patterns to be easily assembled.

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Rim Snaps™ Inlay System

Revolutionary, re-usable solution for thin brick applications. Rim Snaps™ allow for a variety of brick patterns to be easily assembled and cast with a quick construction turnaround.

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Design Assist Engineering Consultation

As part of our engineering consultation services, our design department will help review and develop your next product all the way from concept to completion.

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