Scott System uses precast concrete formliners because they are cost-effective and can still offer high-quality showmanship through impressive workmanship.

These formliners, which are casted off-site beforehand and later installed, offer more control when it comes to material quality and can also be reused as needed.

Precast concrete is casted into a reusable mold that is then cured in a controlled environment for the specific amount of time needed prior to installation at the construction site.

Using precast concrete means that project stakeholders have greater control over material quality since it is cured in an ideal environment.

And it is reusable, unlike on-site casting. The forms used in a precast plant won’t lose their quality even after being used multiple times.

Benefits of Precast Concrete

For any project, precast concrete can greatly accelerate your schedule as well save you money.


The main benefits of precast concrete are the ability to shape the concrete, including textures, colors, and size. The structures arrive on-site completed and ready for fast installation.

Controlled Environment

Because the concrete is cast off-site, it is done in a completely controlled environment. This eliminates the change of outside variables, like weather, interfering with the quality of the product. You will have complete control over the environment to ensure the concrete is properly cured and the end-product is flawless.


Scheduling around concrete pours can drastically slow down the overall construction process. With precast concrete builders have the ability to produce precast concrete while preparing the job site. This change allows for a significantly more efficient operation.

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