Different types of extended-use formliners can provide distinct looks on concrete for a wide range of projects.

They can also bring an aesthetically pleasing appeal to a variety of finished products.

Before beginning your company’s next project, be sure to fully understand the benefits of extended-use concrete formliners offered by Scott System.

Each project material impacted by formliners offers unique advantages that should be considered while planning any upcoming project – like a highway wall, bridge, parking garage, or its many other uses.

For example, urethane formliners, also called polyurethane formliners, will produce a more textured finish, while plastic can create a more mellow appearance.

This difference in appearance results from the unique creation process for each type of formliners.

Urethane formliners go through a curing process and can pick up the tiny details of the mold. When finished, the texture of the concrete will look exactly like the master urethane mold.

Plastic formliners, on the other hand, are made by heating plastic to a pliable state. Then, the plastic formliner is vacuumed to a mold. As a result, plastic formliners will create a subdued version of the detail.

Benefits of Urethane Extended-Use Formliners

Urethane formliners are made from an elastomeric urethane, which is a durable and adaptable synthetic compound ideal for extended use.

This type of extended-use formliner can be produced in a variety of sizes and depths to ensure the job is completed according to specifications.

Urethane formliners are extremely durable and, with the proper care, can be used multiple times.

Our urethane formliners produce a realistic finish and provide a cost-effective alternative for the intended project.

Patterns and textures can be created that will match and flow seamlessly from one section to the next.

Benefits of Extended-Use Plastic Formliners

Plastic formliners are made from an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic.

The thermoplastic polymer has no true melting point and can be used to create a multitude of patterns, textures, and designs.

Depending on the pattern, usage, and jobsite conditions, plastic formliners can be used at least a dozen times.

Creating a glossy finish and softening fine details, extended-use plastic formliners are suitable for a multitude of projects when visible joint seams are acceptable.

Our plastic formliners are a great solution for a variety of applications, including tilt-up and cast-in-place concrete.

gray urethane extended use textured concrete formliner on a wooden floor

Find the Best Extended-Use Formliner for Your Project

Before beginning the next project for your organization, consider the demands of the specifications and how many times you anticipate putting the extended-use formliner to work.

Discuss the specifics of the project with our engineering team, which can help you decide between urethane and plastic formliners — as well as the benefits each can offer the project and its budget.

Contact our specialists today to get started on your next project.