The Vertical Cast Brick & Tile System

Climbing, columns, and residential foundation forms work seamlessly with the Rim Snap™ system as the product attaches to vertical forms to produce a real brick façade that is integrally-cast into concrete.

Corners are made easy with the Rim Snap™ featuring a rubber gasket border with a suction-like grip to hold thin brick securely into forming system. The Rim Snap™ functions with 2 x 8-inch standard-size thin brick.

Rim Snap™ Advantages

  • No mason required
  • Flexible gasket rim holds brick in place and forms cove mortar joint
  • Attaches to vertical form
  • Accommodates more varieties of thin brick
  • Reusable templates
  • Holds corners tightly in place
Brick Snap® colors and textures

Colors & Textures

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