The original “fractured” look created by Scott System is Fractured Fin and was produced in 1970. Although this texture is more than 30 years old, it is still one of the most specified architectural effects and has been used on high rises, sound walls, parking decks and even a boat ramp. These designs also work well when combined with artistic cut-outs like the transportation graphic shown on our Art page.

Note: Texture relief and depths are nominal and may differ slightly from the depth shown. Contact us for an actual sample for final approval.

101101 Cleveland Flute 107A 3” Limestone Rib 109109 Standard Fractured Fin 110A110A Fractured Granite 111111 Stone Ground Fractured Granite
112A112A Fractured Rope 114114 Hawaiian Fractured Fin 117117 Phoenix Limestone 129A129A Brown and Root 130B130B Florida Fractured Fin 1″
130c130C Florida Fractured Fin 1-1/2″ 140140 Brown and Root Modified 142 Fractured Aggregate Fin 1-1⁄4″ 145145 Colorado Drag Aggregate 146146 St. Mary’s

147 Large Fractured Trapezoid

149149 Small Fractured Trapezoid 193MicroFractureSM
193 Micro Fracture