Using our knowledge of materials and manufacturing methods, we provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of architectural, construction, and industrial applications.

The team is comprised of designers and engineers with diverse backgrounds including Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics, and more.

Our team has immaculate knowledge of a large number of materials as well as how to manipulate them. Proficiency with CAD and CAM software allow us to bridge the gap between theory and fabrication.

What We Do

As part of our manufacturing process, we start by building to-scale prototypes. This allows each of our engineers to identify and fix any problems prior to full-scale production. Each fabricated product is also tested for durability and reliability to ensure it performs as intended in simulated environments.

Most of our focus is on the design aspect of the products, as well as providing all the specifics necessary to manufacture them. We use computer software such as Rhino, AutoCAD, and SolidWorks to ensure our designs are accurate and efficient.

In the end, our clients will receive a product that is built to spec and tested to ensure performance, in a timely and transparent manner.

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