Custom Concrete Formwork for Architectural Concrete Columns & Shapes

As a leader in custom concrete formwork designs that push the envelope of architectural concrete, we have the capability to design forming solutions that will turn your concrete concept into a reality.

Using our proprietary 3D concrete formwork manufacturing methods combined with our formliner textures, designers, engineers, and contractors across the United States and throughout the world seek partnerships with Scott System.

Being at the forefront of cutting-edge innovations, we stand apart from others through our offering of digital fabrication processes, subtractive manufacturing techniques, and robust quality management system.

Our team of concrete formwork designers will create the exposed concrete form and finish that will capture the true design intent and aesthetic desired.

We combine advanced machining technology with our engineered coatings and urethane formliner manufacturing to fabricate the custom architectural concrete shapes envisioned with results that stand out and last the test of time.

Architectural Concrete

The American Concrete Institute defines Architectural Concrete as concrete that will be permanently exposed to view, and therefore requires special care in selection of concrete materials, forming, placing and finishing to obtain the desired architectural appearance.

As architectural concrete increases in importance, the visibility of concrete elements such as surfaces and forms are in great demand — both in style as well as design form.

Why Concrete?

As one of the oldest and most prolific construction materials, concrete facades, buildings, and forms have gained popularity.

The rise in popularity to these concrete products is attributed to concrete’s durability, design aesthetic, and sustainability.

But the progressive design of architectural concrete is now realized through the advancements in Digital Fabrication, the forefront of Scott System’s production qualifications and methodologies

Our Digital Fabrication Process

At Scott System, we have implemented new production processes to accommodate the 3D delivery of construction documents in order to produce complex geometric concrete shapes.

In an environment where tape measures, people, wood, and steel are the norm, the utilization of CAD/CAM technology, automatic equipment, and script writing is essential.

These technologies provide us with the tools necessary to fabricate the unique shapes within a specified tolerance while also meeting the project timeline.

Through the implementation of CAD/CAM subtractive manufacturing techniques in a production sequence, Scott System created digital fabrication methodologies to build 3D formwork.

The process includes reverse engineering of models and scripts generated during the design process for digital inputs of the geometry within CAD software to create the negative shape.

Once created, the parts undergo a digital design process.

closeup image of a Large Format 5 Axis CNC router shaping 3D concrete formwork

After the parts are milled and assembled, the surface aesthetic treatment can be applied.  Traditional products such as architectural-grade plywood or formliners are utilized to achieve the finishes intended for various construction projects.

Project Requirements

When the concrete features exposed require a custom shape that traditional means and methods cannot fabricate, Scott System has the solution.

At Scott System, we are not limited to the surface aesthetic. We can provide form and function to structural components and offer a variety of custom concrete forming solutions that can take concrete pour pressures up to 3,000 PSF at 1% deformation.

To learn more about designing your formwork and how we can bring the project to life, contact our engineering experts today.

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