Honolulu Rail Transit Columns, Hawaii

  • Location: Hawaii, Honolulu
  • Customer: Shimmick Traylor Granite

About The Project: 

The Honolulu Rail Transit Project (also known as the Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project) is a light metro system under construction in Honolulu County, Hawaii, U.S. The mostly elevated system features design elements from both heavy rail systems and light metros, with a commuter-rail-like design incorporated into trains and suburban stations. It will become the first large-scale publicly run metro system in the United States to feature platform screen doors and driverless trainsets. The first phase of the project will provide a link between East Kapolei on the ʻEwa Plain and Aloha Stadium 

Scope of Work

Scott System was contracted to make custom formliners to add a unique design to the railway’s support columns. Each station’s 12-panel embossing is based on storylines, legends or other elements unique to the particular area. The engravings appear in three rows: The top reflects elements of the sky and heavens, the middle reflects life of plants and animals, and the bottom reflects elements of the earth and sea. 


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