Custom Concrete Benches & Planters

  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Customer: Baker Concrete

Our customer required unique organic shapes for planters and seatwalls at theme park garden where guests can gather and connect with nature.

Scope of Work

Scott System collaborated with Baker Concrete to determine the best forming solution for the unique cast-in-place application.

The result was 7 highly unique assemblies, totaling over 50 CNC milled parts. Paired with our proprietary formwork fabrication process, polycoating all casting surfaces and laminating plywood to surfaces which required bracing.

Assemblies were dry fit multiple times throughout various stages of the project. This ensured all individual part tolerance were held, along with the overarching tolerances of the assemble. Our quality control procedure and vast experience with the process led to many successful cast-in-place pours. Baker Concrete shared that the owners expectations were met.

Customer Satisfaction

I will say that after working with your formwork compared to trying to create the shapes of some “easier” walls using traditional wood forms, we were much more successful with the walls that used your forms.

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