Brick Snaps


Since 1971, Scott System has introduced a variety of methods for the purpose of integrally-casting thin brick into concrete.  When brick is cast into concrete, the bond of the brick and the concrete is permanent and structurally superior.  Some advantages of brick-embedded concrete over conventional masonry include:

·  Brick meets or exceeds TCA & PCI tolerances
·  Structural & aesthetic value
·  Simplified engineering
·  No flashing, lintels or weep cavities
·  No efflorescence
·  Reduced construction time
·  Recommended in seismic zones
·  No sand, mortars or mixers on site

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Brick Snaps® inlay system is a revolutionary way to integrally cast thin brick into PRECAST or TILT-UP concrete. This innovative method saves TIME and MONEY over conventional field-applied brick and produces a superior structure.

Brick faced concrete is beautiful, economical and fast. When the wall goes up, the brick is already in place! Brick Snaps® have many advantages over conventional masonry.

Here’s How Brick Snaps® Work:

Step One

Lay Out Brick Snaps® on the Pour Surface

Brick arrives at the job site already inserted into the Snap so assembly is a fast, one-step process.
snapping up closelaying out brick

Step Two

Place Steel Reinforcing and Pour Concrete

Rebar or other reinforcement is placed. Concrete is poured, vibrated, and finished in the normal manner. (Self-compacting concrete may also be used.)
brick snaps install photo 1

Step Three

Remove Snap Templates and Pressure-Wash Panel

Simply strip the Snaps and wash the panel with hot, high-pressure water.
brick snaps install photo 3cleaning brick snaps

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  • Fast and easy placement
  • Brick arrives pre-assembled in the Snaps, ready to install
  • Brick meets or exceeds TCA & PCI tolerances
  • Brick is accurately sized
  • Wax coating allows for easy clean-up
  • Preferred tooled mortar joint is standard
  • Multiple brick coursing options
  • Vast assortment of brick colors, textures, and sizes
Brick Snap Carmen

Providence Carman Medical Plaza, Tigard, OR Designed by Group Mackenzie Architects. Tilt-up by Anderson Construction.


Brick Snap Mondrian

Mondrian Apartments, Waterloo, Sydney, Australia St. Hilliers Developers, Stanisic Associates Architects, Advanced Precast & Daniel Robertson Facade Systems Pty., Ltd.