Compare Form Liners

Trying to decide which type of form liner to use for casting concrete projects? Here is a comparison of elastomeric urethane (rubber) vs. plastic to help you decide.

Elastomeric Urethane Form Liners:

  • Are made of synthetic urethane rubber
  • Can be produced in almost any size and depth
  • Are highly durable and highly reusable
  • Reproduce extremely fine detail in concrete
  • Are custom-made to fit your forming system
  • Can replicate any original artwork, texture, or pattern
  • Produce a more realistic looking finish
  • Increasingly cost effective with each reuse

Plastic Liners:

  • Are made of ABS plastic
  • Are usually 4’ x 10’ vacuumed-formed lightweight sheets<
  • Are single or multi-use (1-10 uses)
  • Are available in numerous patterns
  • Are not suitable for projects that call for a deep texture
  • Are suitable where the appearance of joint lines is acceptable
  • Softens fine detail in concrete
  • Create a glossy (less realistic) finish in concrete

Concrete From Plastic Form Liner
Replica Made From Scott System
#110 Fractured Granite
Concrete From Elastimeric Form Liner
Scott System #110 Fractured Granite

Fractured Granite is an original Scott System pattern available in both elastomeric urethane and plastic. Can you tell which concrete panel below was made with a plastic liner and which one utilized elastomeric urethane liner?