Installation Details

A Number of Components are Available to Facilitate Brick Snap® Installations

Returns, arches, headers, radius panels and multiple coursing patterns can be accommodated using Brick Snaps®. A variety of brick colors, textures and shapes allow for flexibility and creativity. The tooled mortar joint completes the finished wall; a preferred detail aesthetically and functionally due to its natural water-shed abilities. Rim Snaps hold vertical brick in place.Snaps cross section

  • Brick Snaps can be set at varying levels to create step backs or other details.
  • This project in Melbourne used brick on a diagonal in multiple colors.
  • Arches and radius panels can be accomplished with Brick Snaps.
  • Cumberland School in Ontario features a special corner and unique brick pattern.
  • SB Ballard Office Building, Virginia Beach, VA SB Ballard Construction, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Shepherd’s Gate Church, Manassas, VA Concor, Manassas, VA.
  • Nordstrom, Buford, GA Metromont Prestress, GA Callison Architects, Seattle, WA
  • Home Depot, Denver, CO Colorado Structures, Colorado Springs, CO



A Multitude of Design Details Can be Achieved Using Brick Snap®

Architectural plans should include panel drawings with brick coursing correctly dimensioned. A Tooled Mortar Joint is Standard with Brick Snaps®

Brick Snaps Architectural Drawing Brick Snaps CoreA tooled mortar joint is standard with Brick Snaps®.
Tooled Brick Snaps

Colors & Textures

A variety of brick colors and textures are available including wire-cut, hand-molded, and smooth-face surfaces in multiple shades and blends*. Iron spot and flashed finishes are also available. Call us for samples or custom made brick boards.

Brick Options
Brick Sizes & Shapes
Many brick sizes and trim pieces are available in the Brick Snap®system. Standard and utility sizes are used most commonly. Modular and standard halves can be used alternately to the standard and utility sizes or in combination to produce unique patterns.Special corner pieces are available in all brick sizes (standard size is shown below). Full size brick is also available to accommodate plans that call for handset brick*.

*Special colors and shapes usually carry an up charge.

Brick Dimensions