Rim Snap™—The vertical cast brick & tile system


The Rim Snap™ is the new and improved version of the Brick Snap®. Rim Snaps™ are ideal for vertical applications and are perfect for accommodating corner brick on returns.

Like the Brick Snap®, the Rim Snap™ is an individual plastic template/brick holder with interlocking tabs that connect together on the pour surface. The Rim Snap™, however, has a rubber-type of gasket rim the holds the brick securely in place.

Rim Snaps™ are perfect for small or large-scale barrier walls, bridges, and other commercial construction. Rim Snaps™ assemble easily and attach to foundation and poured in-place forms to produce a real brick facade integrally cast into concrete.

Download our New Rim Snaps™ Brochure

Rim Snaps Brochure