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The Rim Snaps™ are ideal for vertical applications and are perfect for accommodating corner brick on returns.  Climbing forms, columns and residential foundation forms work well with the Rim Snap system as the product attaches to vertical forms to produce a real brick façade integrally-cast into concrete.  At this time, the Rim Snap functions with 2x8 standard size thin brick. Advantages include:

  • Remove all masonry brick using the Rim Snap
  • Flexible gasket rim holds brick in place
  • Holds brick tightly in vertical forms
  • Accommodates more varieties of thin brick
  • Templates can be reused!
  • Holds corners tightly in place
  • Works hand-in-hand with Brick Snaps®

View the Rim Snaps™ Animation

The Rim Snaps™ Easy Installation:

Step One

Staple Rim Snaps™ to Plywood Form
rim snaps install 1

Step Two

Insert Brick into Rim Snaps™ Liner & Assemble Forms
rim snaps install 2

Step Three
Pour Concrete, Cure & Strip the Forms
rimsnaps install 3

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Corners are a SNAP! Pin-staple Rim Snap™ templates to the plywood form.

Rim Snap™ features a rubber gasket border with suction-like grip to hold thin brick securely into forming system.

rim snaps 3
The Valley Creek bridge in Woodbury, MN, features brick-embedded four-sided columns and walls. A limestone base on piers and abutments complements the traditional brick design. The 2-span bridge carries 6 lanes of traffic up and over busy Interstate 494.

Placing brick in columnRim Snaps™ can be installed easily into column forms.

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